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Top 10 Dangerous Roads

Here at Car Hire Centre,  we usually focus on telling you where to rent a car and how to safely drive in different countries… Well today, scrap that, we are going to tell you all about some of the Top 10 Dangerous Roads in the world for a little white-knuckle fun!

10.Trans-Siberian Highway, Russia

Length: 11,000km

Why So Dangerous?

The road starts off in the west as any other motorway, paved and maintained, relatively uneventful. However the further east you head, the more you will see the road deteriorate down to uneven, unpaved nothingness. The threat with this road lies in its surroundings, in winter you are likely to encounter Avalanches, Heavy Snow and Rain, Landslides and Ice. The stretch between Chita-Irkoutsk-Krasnoyarsk is said to be particularly awful!

9. Pan American Highway, Alaska to Argentina

Length: 48,000km

Why So Dangerous?

This is the longest motorable road in the world, with only one section that you’ll need to bypass by air or sea; the route between Panama and Columbia is not one you want to risk by car! Quite simply, any road that takes you from one continent to another will face challenges – you’ll have to navigate through jungles and deserts with mountains and glaciers in between!

8. Sichuan – Tibet Highway, China

Length: South Route: 2115km  North Route: 2140km

Why So Dangerous?

It has been reported to be responsible for 7,500 deaths in 100,000 drivers! The roads are winding and pass through several forests, mountain ranges and large rivers and so is susceptible to flooding and rock avalanches. The high altitude that the route takes coupled with the threat of nature is what makes this route so treacherous.

7. Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

Length: 19km

Why So Dangerous?

This road has been carved into the mountain side and it offers a beautiful view of the Taroko National Park Gorge – with plenty of tourists vying for a space on this narrow road. Expect to encounter cars, scooters, pedestrians and even the odd tour bus trying to negotiate their way around the jagged rock face, blind corners and slippery paths. Frequent earthquakes and bad weather usually result in the roads closure as it is impossible to navigate in those conditions!

6. Pasubio Road, Italy

Length: 6.5km
Why So Dangerous?

Considered so dangerous that most of it is now only restricted to hiking and biking, this road was originally used for mules to carry cargo – and so was constructed just wide enough for this. The route features 52 hand carved tunnels, with minimum widths of approximately 2.2 meters – again, for those mules! Fantastic views, but certainly not for the faint hearted!

5. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

Length: 1.2km

Why So Dangerous?

The tunnel road is a mountainside route, hollowed out and hand chiselled by a small group of local farmers in the 1970s. They did so using explosives and no knowledge of construction which is what makes this road particularly dangerous. Several “windows” line the route and offer fantastic views of the mountain, however, only being a mere 4 ft wide means that you will find it extremely tough to pass an oncoming car!

4. James Dalton Highway, Alaska

Length: 666km

Why So Dangerous?

Firstly, it runs through the middle of nowhere, with only three towns along its route and it comes recommended that you take (and know how to use) a survival kit! Expect icy roads, below zero temperatures, countless potholes and, well, basic seclusion! It isn’t often used by single vehicles, more so by large oil trucks as seen in Ice Road Truckers!

3. Skippers Canyon, New Zealand

Length: 22km

Why So Dangerous?

We’ll start by telling you that you used to require a permit to drive the route and that now, no hire car is insured to drive it…! Much of the route remains as it did upon construction in the 19th century, so expect to navigate potholes big enough to skew your cars alignment whilst gambling with the sheer cliff drops. Make sure you enjoy the breathtaking views as you descend deep into the canyon though..!!

2. The Way to Fairy Meadows, Pakistan

Length: 10km

Why So Dangerous?

Don’t let the name fool you…it’s a simple gravel path that ascends to 3,300 meters above sea level, with no guardrails and is only wide enough for one 4×4 Vehicle – hence why it was voted 2nd Deadliest Road in 2013 by WHO (World Health Organisation). Funnily (!) enough, it leads to a place named Nanga Parbat, or, Killer Mountain, and be sure to visit in the summer as this local toll road is closed in winter… No Thanks!

1. North Yungas Road, Bolivia

Length: 64km

Why So Dangerous?

With no guardrails to save you from a 2,000ft drop on a road just about wide enough for 1 vehicle, it is considered to be one of the top 3 most dangerous in the world. Summer brings the risk of sandstorms and falling rocks whilst the rainy season turns it into a mudslide. It hasn’t earned the nickname “Death Road” for no reason!

So there you have it! If you scour the internet, there are plenty more Dangerous Roads to chose from, I just wanted to highlight some of the favourite ones! Where you cringing as much as I was at these videos?! Anyone ever braved one of these routes? Or have I now inspired you to go and take on one of these beasts!?!

Let us know how you get on! Not that we are encouraging you..!

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