Car Hire Advice

If you are thinking of hiring a car then you will no doubt have some questions. On this page we aim to answer our customers most common questions. We have also created a glossary of car hire terms to help cut through much of the industry jargon which you can often encounter on other car hire websites.

General Tips

Check you have all items of your luggage, maps you may require, and make sure that you do not feel overly tired in advance of your journey.

Whether at the airport, the rental location, or on your travels, pay careful attention to your purse/wallet and where you keep your car keys. Do not leave your baggage or valuables/keys unattended at any time. If you are travelling in a group assign someone to stay with your luggage whilst any other drivers of the vehicle familiarise themselves with the car.


Fuel is generally not included in the booking price and you are required to return the vehicle with the same ammount of fuel in the tank as at the start of your rental, however, fuel policies vary with location and provider. You should check the terms and conditions prior to making your booking for full details.

Driving Licence

Although maybe the most obvious accessory you will need to take on your trip, it is surprising how easy it is to forget the most essential things such as your driving licence or passport.

Before you leave, always make sure you have your driving licence with you - car hire companies do not accept photocopies, it must be the real thing. Due to recent changes you should not need to take along your original paper licence as well as the photocard, however you may wish to do so whilst the changes are still new. See this blog post for more information.Some countries (especially countries not a part of Europe) also insist all drivers carry an International Driving Permit.

Road Laws

When you are driving abroad always be sure to familiarise yourself with any local rules and restrictions. These can sometimes be very different to what you are used to when driving in your home country.

A useful checklist of things to look for: Different road signs and markings, Speed limits (make sure you know if these markings are in kilometers per hour, or miles per hour) and Parking zones

Some countries operate a zero tolerance policy towards alcohol levels in the blood, and so it is essential that you plan your journeys in advance to ensure that the driver will be able to drive legally.

Car Hire Insurance

Getting insurance to cover your car rental is extremely important. Insurance policies from third party companies will often cover you for a lot more and for a lot cheaper than the car hire company themselves. is the UK’s most popular car hire excess insurer and have sold over a million policies to date. We have teamed up with them to offer an exclusive 5% discount on all of their policies. This means you can obtain daily excess insurance from just £3.79 per day and annual policies from £37.99.

They will cover you for up to 60 days PER car hire and cover damage to the windows, undercarriage, headlights, roof, tyres and theft as well as providing an exclusive Just Text Help service. Click here to obtain their offer!


Before you drive the hire vehicle away, familiarise yourself with all of its controls - lights, windscreen wipers etc. Also check the vehicle is carrying the required safety equipment for the country you are travelling in.

Legislation in most countries now requires all occupants of the vehicle to wear correctly fitted safety belts both in the front and back of the vehicle. Most European countries do not permit children under certain ages to ride in the front passenger seat of a moving vehicle.

Claiming Car Hire

If you are hiring a car as a result of a breakdown you might be able to claim back the costs if you have a warranty on your car. If your car does not have a warranty then you can usually purchase one as long as your car is in good working order and is less than 10 years old.

Visit the car warranty guide on to find out more about car warranties and how they can offer you peace of mind from unexpected repair costs.