Ayia Napa

This small town, once a sleepy fishing village, has grown rapidly in recent years to become a buzzing tourist hotspot. Often described as a clubber’s paradise, Ayia Napa has a vibrant nightlife, with enough clubs to satisfy even the most tireless partygoer. But there’s more to the infamous resort than late night bars and clubs. You'll also find picturesque harbours, beautiful cobbled streets adorned with cafes and some of the most beautiful beaches Cyprus has to offer!

Language and Currency

Greek is the official language, although English is widely spoken due to the tourist influence. Expect to change your local currency to Euros for a visit to Ayia Napa!


As with most other European cities, the warmest time to visit would be July and August, where the temperatures reach the mid to high 20s, but will be at its busiest season! Winter is a slightly cooler average of 13'c with rainfall at its highest!


One of the main attractions of Ayia Napa is the miles of sandy beaches. Only 3km west of the town centre, you'll find Nissi Beach, which is probably the most popular in Ayia Napa. Made up of from two beaches, Nissi and Nissi Bay, and sheltered from the wind making them suitable for an array of water sports. Expect plenty of sunbeds, cafés and restaurants and for you thrill seekers take a stroll down to Nissi Avenue to do a 200ft bungee jump!

Head east and visit Cape Greco where you'll find the beautiful National Forest Park to hike through! On the coastline you'll find "The Palaces" which were created as a result of constant erosion by the wind and waves and so look as though they were elaborately sculpted by an architect. Only accessible by sea the Palaces make for a great boat trip. Take a relaxing fishing trip in the crystal clear water and explore them for yourself. With such clear waters and visibility of up to 130ft, scuba diving and snorkelling are popular activities in Ayia Napa. Many dive centres can take you to see underwater ruins and submerged archaeological remains.

If nightlife is the main reason for your visit though, the clubbing season is from June to late September, coinciding with the hottest temperatures in the region. Though some clubs are open year round, like the soul and R&B favourite Black and White club, most are only lively between these months.


Ayia Napa houses many small boutiques, open everyday except Sundays, which sell local handicrafts such as Lefkara lace, ceramics and baskets, as well as a multitude of leather goods. Silver jewellery is also a regional forte, and there are many shops which specialise in this.

Dining Out and Nightlife

Being such a favourite tourist spot Ayia Napa sports cuisine from all around the world, from French to Indian, and even some Mexican food. However there is no shortage of local Mediterranean specialities, especially around the harbour area where restaurants serve up the catch of the day with local Mediterranean vegetables.

Head to one of the many tavernas and small cafes by the harbour and in the winding backstreets and try the wide selections of authentic cuisine! Start with Fried Halloumi Cheese and stuffed vine leaves known as Dolmades, followed by gorgeously fresh baked bread alongside a hearty Lountza (pork stew in red wine). Be sure to finish up with either a Finikia (Walnut Cake) or a delicious platter of fresh fruit!

The harbour is also a good place to start a night out, with many cafes and bars overlooking the sea. Revitalised in recent years the harbour now has a wooden alleyway spanning its length and is illuminated at night. Later on head up to The Square in the centre of town, seen by many as the focal point of nightlife in Ayia Napa. Surrounded by clubs and bars there’s no shortage of choice, and with clubs such as SOHO, Club Aqua and the newest, largest addition to the strip, Castle Club. With some not even opening until 3am, you’ll most certainly be partying well into the next day.


Hiring a Car to explore your holiday destination can be the best way to do so! If you choose to, here are a few need to know basics to keep you, your family and your vehicle, safe!

  • The Blood alcohol limit in Cyprus is 49mg for drivers who have been on the road for more than 2 years. New Drivers and those on Mopeds should be aware there is a ZERO Tolerance policy that applies to them.
  • You should drive on the left and overtake on the right.
  • Seatbelts are compulsory for the driver and all passengers if they have been fitted.
  • Dipped headlights should always be used in built-up areas after sunset.
  • You should only use the horn in emergencies.

Tourist Information

For all you need to know prior to your trip, please visit www.visitcyprus.com.


The nearest airport to Ayia Napa is Larnaca airport, located just 50km away, making it easily accessible by bus or taxi.