Cologne (Koln) is situated right on the west bank of the mighty River Rhine, in the north-west of Germany. It dates back over 2000 years and thus has a large number of historic monuments and buildings that will fascinate visitors.


The most famous landmark in Cologne is the immense gothic cathedral: the High Cathedral of St. Peter and Maria. It is the biggest cathedral in the whole of Germany, and holds various pieces of Renaissance artwork. A good way to get an idea of what the city holds is to follow the 'ring' on your arrival. This is a semi-circular road that runs around the city, and walking along it will show you some of the sights of Cologne. Cologne is also home to several excellent Christmas Markets and the famous Cologne Carnival. Museum lovers should visit the Roman-Germanic Museum or the Wallraf-Richartz Museum.


The two main roads for shopping in Cologne are Hohe Strasse and Schildergasse. These are where most of the chain stores can be found. There are a large number of women’s fashion shops on Zeppelinstrasse. The Neumarkt Galerie is also an essential place to visit when shopping in Cologne.

Nightlife and Eating out

Cologne has a huge variety of cafés and restaurants to choose from. Local dishes include variations on black pudding, potato cakes and marinated roast beef. For its size, Cologne has more pubs and high quality restaurants than any other part of Germany, so there is bound to be somewhere for everyone. It also has its own beer, which is served in most restaurants in the city centre.

Tourist Info

Cologne Tourist OfficeUnter Fettenhennen 19 D-50667 KölnTel: +49(0)221


Cologne-Bonn Airport is located towards the south of Cologne, and offers flights to and from all domestic destinations, plus several major European destinations.

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