Lefkas or Laefkada is one of the many islands used as cheap holiday destinations by tour operators and is becoming increasingly popular and busy. It is in fact not a true island, and was connected to mainland Greece via a sandbank until a canal was cut through it by the Corinthians to make it easier to defend. Until recently the island resorts were relatively quiet and most of the visitors either came on their own boats, as part of a flotilla holiday or with operators which organised sailing and activity holidays. Sadly since Preveza Aktio airport has been taking chartered flights, tourists from across Europe have begun to arrive in droves to enjoy the weather, beaches and booze. The island has suffered several serious earthquakes in the last hundred years and the architecture in Lefkas town is an indication of the fear that it may happen again. Most visitors head towards the main beach resort at Nidri although the beaches are far from stretched and golden and the main street having the unpleasant and busy atmosphere you'd expect from a tourist resort. The west coast is far more rugged with less accessible beaches, those who make the effort to avoid the crowds will be rewarded with a far more interesting and inspiring view of the island.


Skorpios Tour - Aristotle Onassis was so fond of the forested islands that he bought Skorpios which can be seen from Nidri, and is why there is a statue of him on the harbour front there. The island can be visited by boat and regular tours circle the island and there is a section of the beach you're allowed to have a swim at. The trips usually include a commentary detailing the history of the Onassis family and the area and all seem to be delivered by women who compete with Jackie herself in the jewellery and sunglasses stakes. Water sports – Nidri has the opportunity to hire or attempt almost any aquatic pursuit. All types of fishing trips leave from Nidri, or you can rent some rods and ask to be pointed in the right direction. For more extreme options try the surf schools at near by Vasiliki that also offer kite and wind surfing lessons. Small motor boats and dingys can be borrowed to explore the beaches on the east coast which are not so easily accessible from the land. Santa Mavra – This fortress was built in the thirteenth century to protect against piratical raids. Despite the earthquakes and subsequent renovations the fort has a very historic feel and there are is good choice of quiet tavernas nearby to serve the day-trippers.

Mountains - The breathtaking drive into the mountains can be a pretty exhilarating experience as the tour bus drivers who know the roads wheel round corners overlooking some very daunting precipices. It is definitely worth the stomach-lurching however as the area is home to various monasteries and small quaint villages with traditional architecture and orthodox pyres and dedications.


Lefkas and Nidri have most of the commercial shopping areas, although they can both be unbearably hot in the daytime so it’s best to wait until the cooler evenings to look around. There are a whole host of souvenir shops selling clothing, sunglasses and garish towels as well as some decent jewellery outlets. You would be wise to bargain with the retailers as much of the produce is counterfeit. Much of the island's industry remains agricultural with large olive groves and vineyards. The local produce of olive oil or wine are exquisite and dirt cheap if bought close to the source. The same goes for lace, the island's other famous export, so to pick up a bargain on a tablecloth or similar item head to the villages and you'll be approached by a vendor in no time. Vasiliki has a slightly less mainstream feel than the rest of the island and has some decent surfwear shops

Dining and Nightlife

The main resorts at Lefkas and Nidri are catered for by restaurants and takeaways that offer fairly average food of Greek or Turkish descent. Popular dishes are usually grilled meats, moussaka and seafood. During the high season much of the fish that is served is not fresh as the demands can simply not be met. Restaurants in Vasiliki boast harbour side views over the water meaning you may well need to book a table during peak season. The boggy inland areas are the breeding ground of some pretty fierce insects so it is essential that you wear repellent and sleeves.

Again Lefkas and Nidri are the site for most of the nightclubs which don’t get going until about 2am and continue well into the morning. The music is a mix of European dance and Greek pop and teams of locals arrive (and worryingly leave) on scooters most nights of the week during high season. During the quieter months of the year many of the bars remain closed which can also be the case in the summer if the influx of tourists is lower than normal, this is more commonly the case in the smaller resorts.

Tourist Information

The telephone number of the municipal tourist office in Lefkas town is 023000 or 024962 (country code +30) although there is no official physical office to get face to face information. Most hoteliers or tour organisers should be able to provide all necessary information though they are likely to be somewhat selective and lead towards services they have a vested interest in.


Visitors from overseas will most likely arrive at the military airport Preveza Aktio. Transfers from here to the island take up to ninety minutes depending on whether you drive from the airport yourself or take a taxi. It is worth booking a transfer in advance, although this is usually organised and included in the price of any package holiday.

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