The second largest of the Channel Islands, Guernsey is a very pretty island close to the coast of France. Its location means that although it is part of Britain, it has a much warmer climate than the unpredictable mainland.

Guernsey is home to several sheltered beaches making it a popular destination for holidaymakers, although the authorities have succeeded in preventing the island from becoming overrun with tourists, meaning it is still relatively unspoiled.


For such a small island, there are a surprising number of attractions on Guernsey. Castle Cornet and the Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery are two places worth a visit, and there are also military remnants from the German occupation during WWII, such as the German Military Underground Hospital and the German Occupation Museum. There are also a whole host of small but interesting places to visit such as an aquarium, clockmakers, and The Freesia Centre. Walking tours and boat tours are also all available through the picturesque scenery. Check out the Candie Gardens if you fancy a stroll in a beautifully manicured setting!


The main town in Guernsey, St Peter Port, is the principal area for shopping on the island. The cobbled streets and old buildings make shopping here a pleasant experience. The areas around the High Street are best for chain stores and independent family businesses. There are a large number of antiques shops in the Old Quarter of the town.

Products are VAT free in Guernsey, so many people visit here to buy expensive goods more cheaply than they would at home. There are two main markets in Guernsey: the food market is held in the market building, and the Old Guernsey Market has stalls selling local produce, while the stall owners are dressed in period costume, which is a sight in itself.

Nightlife and Eating Out

The small size of the island means that everywhere has strong connections with the sea. This has resulted in seafood being one of the most popular dishes in Guernsey. The Old Quarter is where the most traditional restaurants and bistros can be found, although there are many places to eat throughout St Peter Port city centre.

Tourist Information

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Guernsey Airport serves most UK airports, and several of the major European airports also. It is 5km west of Saint Peter Port, the main city in Guernsey.

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