Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, yet is still tiny by many standards! However, what it lacks in size it makes up for in beauty. The Jersey countryside is largely unspoilt, and is home to several species of animal that cannot be found anywhere else in Britain. Stepping onto one of their golden beaches, you'd think you were in the Algarve, it is surrounded by sparkling waters and breathtaking views.


Nature lovers will enjoy the walks around the island. The local authorities have designed paths that allow visitors to see most of the natural sights by foot. Exploration doesn't stop there however, there are various boat trips around the shores that allow you to spot several species of dolphin and whale.

St Helier is home to Jersey’s Opera House and the Jersey Arts Centre. Several museums and monuments dedicated to the WWII German occupation are dotted all over the island, most notably Elizabeth Castle which proudly sits on St Aubin's Bay, which is the perfect place to get lost in the history of Jerseys battles, and The Maritime Museum & Occupation Tapestry - a truly unique learning experience, where you can see, touch and even smell some of the exhibits!

For some family fun, why not round up the troops and head to aMaizin! Adventure Park - an outdoor adventure park, including go-karting (for all ages, dads!), Crazy Golf and a 50ft Jumping Pillow, or what about discover how about a fragrant walk through the Jersey Lavender Farm, a working farm where you can learn how Lavender Oil is produced - if you are lucky enough to be there at harvest time, you can watch how the flowers are distilled too.


Most of the shopping in Jersey can be done in St. Helier, where you'll find most of the islands main shops. There is an indoor food market and also a fresh fish market in the centre of St Helier. You will also find a few independent retailers, offering everything from pearls, textiles, fresh fish and local arts and crafts, be sure to support the local community and grab yourself a unique souvenir.

Nightlife and Eating out

When it comes to food, Jersey has it all, ranging from family-run pubs to restaurants serving more upmarket food. Most of the food is made with high-quality local produce, so you can be assured the food is delicious! Be sure to try the local crab, mussels, oysters and lobster, as well as their Nettle Soup and the slow-cooked pork and bean stew - Bean Crock!

If you like listening to live music and comedy, check out Chambers where local musicians regularly perform and entertain. We would recommend Mimosa Bar for cocktails and dancing or The Drift Bar @ the Royal Yacht for a more lavish atmosphere for dinner and drinks.

Tourist Information

Head over to for all you need to know about your trip to St Helier. Call them on +44 (0)1534 44 88 00 or email at, their website lists their opening time which vary throughout the year.


Jersey’s airport is located 10km from St Helier. Most of its destinations are in mainland UK, but there are a few flights to the major European destination as well. If you are looking to hire a car to make the most of your time in St Helier, be sure to compare car hire prices to ensure you get the best deal!

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