The city of Leipaja is a pleasant but busy port, its success owing to the fact it doesn’t freeze in the winter. The military importance which held for around a century has recently swayed towards naval trade with investment encouraged by the award as a “Special Economic Zone” (companies receiving tax discounts of up to 80% through working in such areas). Passenger ferries also depart here for Southern Sweden and Rostock in Germany. The city is sandwiched between the coast and the inland lake which is an important site for ornithologists, the area also enjoys award-winning beaches. The hotels tend to be of the boutique style with rooms decorated individually and imaginatively. As well as being hailed the centre for Latvian rock music, there are four annual music festivals and a vibrant bar and nightclub scene.


Rose Square – This is the central square of the city, traditionally a universal meeting point. The square was rebuilt in 2000 and unsurprisingly there is a rose garden in the centre that is a site where city’s many flower displays make an appearance. Most sites of historical interest are only a short walk from here, such as the oldest house in the city (6 Kungu Street) and the House of Craftsmen where you can watch people creating the textile wares that are on sale here.

Seaside Park – In addition to the natural beauty and wealth of plant and sea-bird species here, there are plenty of sports facilities such as mini-golf, tennis and a bowling alley. The outdoor concert stage, set among the cafes and bars, is home to the “Amber of Liepaja” annual music festival which usually attracts around 3000 spectators.

Liepaja Museum – The collection is separated into two sections, the main museum and the department for “Liepaja during the occupational regimes”. The museum covers ancient, medieval and modern history, ethnography and is home to various art exhibitions.


In terms of souvenirs, the best bet is some amber or some local textile product. With a bit of exploration, you’ll be able to find a bargain, especially if you track down someone able to sell you their own wares. The other retail opportunities are little to write home about, with the choice of clothing shops reflected in the locals fashion sense! Petertirgus Market is a good place to wander around but there’s not a great deal on offer there.

Dining and Nightlife

The Seaside Park has a decent number of bars which also serve snacks and main meals throughout the day. The food is mostly Latvian, which may not be to everyone’s tastes. There is not a great deal on offer in terms of international cuisine, although the Baltic favourite “Chilli Pizza” can be found here. The centre has similar bars and pubs, often with terraced areas that get pretty busy in the summer months. The nightlife similarly wholesome; the clubs playing mostly rock and pop music to a young crowd. Big 7 is larger, more garish affair, with a choice of bars and dance-floors, with scantily clad and nude women taking part in regular performances.

Tourist Information

Liepaja Region Tourism Information OfficeAddress: Rožu laukums 5/6, Liepaja, LV 3401Telephone: +371 34 80808, +371 2 9402111Fax: +371 34 80807e-mail info@liepajaturisms.lvWebsite:


Liepaja International Airport is located 7km out of the city centre and so it is cheap and easy to get to by taxi. In addition to international business and chartered flights to Riga, aerial tours of the city take off from here. Riga International Airport sees flights from a large number of destinations, the majority of which are Eastern European but also include the United Kingdom, America and the Middle East. There is a very cheap shuttle bus that runs ever half hour to the city centre from the terminal behind the car park, buses from Riga to Liepaja run hourly and take just under four hours.