Marsaxlokk is a natural harbour in the southeast of Malta, which lies in the Mediterranean Sea 100km south of Sicily. The town is about 12km from the capital of Valetta.

The town is an ancient fishing village and its name means ‘south-easterly harbour’. Traditional Maltese fishing boats, luzzu, carrying the watchful Eye of Osiris to ward off evil dating back 2,500 years, can be seen dotted all around the bay. The island, which is smaller than the Isle of Wight, enjoys very mild winters with minimal rain and hot dry summers. The country’s official languages are English and Maltese.


The harbour has the largest fishing fleet on the island and is where the Turks invaded in 1565 and where Napoleon landed in 1798.

Delimara Point in the southeast of Marsaxlokk is good for swimming. The beach is rocky but the natural jetties make this an excellent place to dive into the clear blue waters.

The town’s annual feast is dedicated to Our Lady of Pompei and is held on the 1st August. Bands play in the streets, the church opens its doors for everyone and firework displays light up the sky.


Business hours in the town revolve around the Mediterranean siesta therefore most shops are open from 9am until 7pm with a three hour lunch break, usually lasting from 12pm until 3pm.

Marsaxlokk market sells an array of tourist souvenirs and the Sunday Fish Market is where the best hotels on the island buy their fresh fish. Swordfish, tuna, and the popular 'lampuki' are caught between spring and late autumn.

Nightlife and Dining

Ir-Rizzu on the waterfront offers the best fish cooked Maltese style – with onions, tomatoes, garlic and herbs. Hunter’s Tower is a little more expensive but worth it for the views of the harbour. It also specialises in seafood.

If you fancy something different, Nan Tuan is a decent Cantonese restaurant located on Duncan Street.

Tourist Information

Malta Tourism Authority Auberge D’ItalieMerchants StreetValetta CMR 02 Malta

  • Tel: +356 (2) 291 5000
Malta Tourist Office (UK)Unit CPark House14 NorthfieldsLondonSW18 1DD


Malta International Airport in Luqa is only 8km away from Marsaxlokk.

The official carrier is Air Malta, which operates flights from London Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, East Midlands, Bristol, Cardiff, and Glasgow airports. British Airways also offers direct flights from a variety of airports.

Ryanair have recently introduced low cost fares to Malta direct from London Luton Airport. Other carriers, including Al Italia and Lufthansa, operate indirect flights via Italy and Germany respectively.