Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, is a thriving and rapidly developing metropolitan city. Here visitors can find the national government, as well as a substantial port and numerous attractions. The chief heritage site in Paraguay, Asunción is a tribute to the entire country’s rich historical past. One of the oldest cities in South America, Asunción is popularly known as the ‘Mother of Cities’. Here, the past is honoured and remembered whilst the city undergoes mass development and improvement in order to cater for the future.


The [ Casa de la Independencia] is a charming and fascinating abode which served as a top secret meeting place for revolutionaries who were searching for ideas to help Paraguay become independent from Spain. Many artefacts restored from this influential period are stored within the house and visitors will appreciate the opportunity to view a traditional building from the 18th century.

The [ Museo de Bellas Artes] contains an artistic tribute to some of South America’s most influential and famous talents. Several of Paraguay’s most important pieces are contained within this collection, which serves to promote local artistic abilities.

The Panteón Nacional de los Héroes is perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in the city and is instantly recognisable due to its pink dome. Based on Les Invalides in Paris, this building serves as a testament to those soldiers in Paraguayan history who fell in battle and remembers the wars which shaped the country’s character and heritage. Construction was completed in 1936 and since it has been a popular place of pilgrimage for citizens all over the country. Saturdays are particularly interesting for this day stages the changing of the guard. A must for all those visitors hoping to explore authentic local culture and heritage.

The Jardín Botánico y Zoológico contains a charming small zoo and a vast collection of plants, as well as the former residence of President Francisco Solano López. This abode is now a museum containing information educating visitors about the country’s history and wildlife, a fascinating experience for all who visit.

The [ Gran Hotel del Paraguay] was the former residence of Solano López’s mistress during the 19th century when López ruled the state. Containing impressive tropical gardens, a vast display of national art and traditional, beautiful interiors, it is easy to see why this hotel was the most fashionable and admired hotel in the city.

Calle Palma is the predominant street in the centre of the city which showcases many traditional buildings as well as numerous eateries and shops. A number of historical homes have been restored on the Manzana de la Rivera, which now serve as a testament to the architectural style and development within Asunción. A traditional railway station still serves vistors and locals today.

The Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion is a stunning place of worship, which has recently been renovated in order to showcase its assets to their best advantage. Several pieces of art are particularly interesting and the altar is renowned for its splendour and magnificence.


All visitors should be sure to pay a visit to some of the local malls and markets to purchase some authentic, traditional items to take home. A varied and exciting shopping day can be experienced at the Excelsior Mall, where a vast array of shops take up a total of three floors. [ Shopping del Sol] has many fantastic stores, as well as a cinema and a recreation centre for children; visitors of all ages will find something to occupy them in this complex. [ Mariscal Lopez Shopping] specialises in clothing stores as well as boasting many other shops dedicated to other popular items.

For locally produced crafts, Plaza de los Héroes is home to a vast selection of stores specialising in regional and national trinkets. For such items, visitors will also enjoy Mercado 4. An impressive market, here holidaymakers can purchase souvenirs as well as locally grown produce.

Nightlife and Eating Out

The capital of Paraguay, Asunción does not fail to provide capital entertainment. Inspiring restaurants serve mouth watering meals to those searching for a homely bite to eat and a rest from exploring. La Pérgola Jardin is one of the most sophisticated establishments in the city. Live music and innovative dishes are served in beautiful surroundings amidst lavish furnishings. Peter's Restaurant en Casapueblo is a popular spot; visitors will be taken aback by the affordability of the restaurant’s stunning menu.

A dish that Asunción does particularly well is barbequed meat; a fantastic place to sample this is incredibly morish meal is Churrasquaría Acuarela. Visitors can help themselves to as much of the various barbequed items as they desire, as well as several delicious accompanying dishes. Another restaurant serving this speciality particularly well is La Paraguayita.

Those hoping to find nightlife will not be disappointed. One of the most popular bars is Tequila Rock, which serves delicious drinks in an entertaining atmosphere. Casapueblo is probably the most visited disco in the city, which features Latin American music and provides visitors with the opportunity to learn some new moves. Holidaymakers who are feeling lucky will enjoy a visit to Casino de Asuncion, which stays open until six in the morning. The Centro Cultural Español often hosts numerous cultural events each month, ranging from informative and groundbreaking lectures, to music recitals. Most events are completely free, and thus provide an affordable means of distraction when travelling on a budget.

Tourist Information

  • Tourist Office, Avenida Espana y Avenida Peru, Asuncion, Paraguay
  • Website: []
Alternative tourist offices can be located at the Airport and the Central Train Station.


The Silvio Pettirossi International Airport is Paraguay’s principal airport. Providing both national and international links, this is the most accessible gateway for most visitors. Situated in Luque, Asunción is easily accessed by car and public transport. For further details visit the websites of individual carriers such as [ Gol] and [ TAM Mercosur].