Moscow is the capital city of Russia and the political centre of the country. Widely considered to be one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the world, Moscow is home to many stunning pieces of architecture, in particular the Kremlin which serves as the presidential seat. Standard of living is high, and contrary to popular preconceptions regarding Russia, Moscow is a sophisticated city and the perfect place for a luxurious holiday. Situated on the Moskva River, visitors should carefully select when they visit as seasons can be harsh on those used to British temperatures. Summers are mild, yet winters can be extremely cold with only approximately seven hours of sunlight. However, regardless of the season, Moscow retains its breathtaking beauty all year round.


The first stop for most tourists is the [ Kremlin] and Red Square, possibly the two most internationally renowned features within Moscow. The site of numerous important historical events, no visitor can hope to understand Russian culture and its complex past without a first hand glimpse of this notorious location. To learn more about the country’s past, The State Historical Museum is the perfect place to visit. Those hoping to explore Moscow’s artistic history will enjoy browsing the impressive collection of works at the [ Tretyakov Gallery], which is so extensive that two buildings are needed to house all of the pieces. Specialising in Socialist painting, visitors will be enthralled by the museum’s ability to transport all back to previous moments in Russian history. For examples of Western art, the best place to visit is the [ Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts], which houses a collection more concerned with surveying all forms of art from around the globe. Perhaps the finest art in Moscow is the architecture itself; all will appreciate the stunning surroundings and magnificent structures which envelop the city.

Moscow boasts an extensive collection of beautiful parks and gardens which are liberally dotted around the city. Izmaylovsky is one of the biggest parks in the world, and Neskuchniy Gardens is the oldest park in Moscow. A garden fit for a king, Neskuchniy was favoured by Emperors because of its lavish appearance. Moscow Botanical Garden is certain to astound all who visit. The most extensive collection in Europe, this garden boasts thousands of rose bushes alone. [ Moscow Zoo] is another favourite with visitors. Home to more than 5000 animals, inhabitants of this site are bound to enchant all who visit.

Moscow’s artistic heritage is diverse and internationally respected, with numerous theatres situated around the city. The [ Bolshoi Theatre] has been presenting marvellous displays of musical and theatrical brilliance for over two hundred years. Capable of seating two thousand spectators, those who love the ballet, opera or simply beautiful buildings will be taken aback by the splendour of this location. Other theatres worth visiting include the State Central Concert Hall Rossia, Moscow Municipal Theatre and Gorky Moscow Artistic Academic Theatre; each visitor is certain to discover a perfect source of entertainment within one of the city’s ninety theatres.


Russia is home to a multitude of shops, markets and malls, and therefore all budgets and tastes should be catered for. Those searching for an extensive shopping experience will enjoy Atrium, an enormous centre with everything anyone could possibly need or want. GUM is easily located as it is situated next to the Red Square, the ideal opportunity for shoppers to fuse culture with a spot of retail therapy. Located in a stunning 19th century building, GUM boasts an exclusive number of upmarket boutiques and an impressive restaurant overlooking Russia’s most iconic location.

Vernisazh market sells local crafts, ideal for those searching for a unique item to remind them of their stay in Moscow. Many special pieces of Russian memorabilia and history can be found here for those who are prepared to search. Dorogomilovsky Rynok market sells many locally produced food products; favourites include cheese and vegetables. Izmailovsky Flea Market is a veritable minefield of assorted brick-a-brac. Those prepared to hunt for treasure will not leave disappointed.

Visitors with a sweet tooth will gravitate towards Krasny Oktyabr Chocolate Factory, where a vast assortment of Russian chocolates is sure to make all mouths water.

Those hunting for souvenirs should head towards Arbat where a multitude of stores provide an extensive selection. A particular favourite with tourists is Arbatskaya Kollektsia, which specialises in locally produced crafts.


Those hoping for a hearty meal will not be disappointed; Russian food is delicious and the perfect way to warm up in the winter months. Delicacies such as Stroganoff and dumplings should be sampled by all who visit. CDL is located within a breathtaking mansion; the ideal location to sample traditional Russian cuisine. The welcoming and cosy surroundings are sure to take each patron’s mind away from the blistering winds outside. The [ Savoy] serves food fit for a king; here visitors can enjoy caviar, borscht and other local favourites. The Grand Imperial lives up to its name; ornate surroundings beautifully complement the delicious food, which visitors can enjoy to the sound of an immense grand piano.

Popular bars include Poslednyaya Kapla, whose comfortable surroundings make it the best location to sample Russia’s signature drink, vodka. Those hoping to dance the night away will be pleasantly surprised by the Karma Bar, which is especially popular at weekends. Propaganda is an extremely fashionable club; Thursday nights provide a fantastic atmosphere and crowd. For those who prefer live music, B-2 provides a multitude of performances, as well as several dance floors and a sushi bar.

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There are five airports in the near vicinity of Moscow; Domodedevo International Airport, Bykovo Airport, [ Sheremetyevo International Airport], Vnukovo International Airport and Ostafievo International Airport. The most popular with international tourists is Sheremetyevo, although Domodedovo is statistically the busiest airport in Russia. All are located less than 21 miles from the centre of Moscow.