Zürich is internationally known as a leading financial centre; the power and wealth generated by the city has led to William M. Mercer in London ranking Zürich as the location with the highest quality of life in the world. Extremely low crime rates mean that the visitor can immediately feel safe in a city which is more than welcoming to visitors; English is spoken by a vast proportion of people within Zürich. Despite being a business centre, Zürich has many special attractions which keep tourists flocking to the city. Indeed, those living in the city appear to have got the balance between work and play just right; Zürich has achieved the perfect mix of international importance with regional charm.


Possibly the most popular attraction in Zürich, Grossmünster is a beautiful cathedral with an exciting history. Legend would have it that Charlemagne built the church on the spot that he believed held the graves of three Christian martyrs who had died for their faith. Visitors should climb the tower in order to appreciate the spectacular view of Zürich, as well as wander around the chapel where the martyrs’ remains are believed to be buried. The church Fraumünster is home to five beautiful stained glass windows constructed by Marc Chagell. St. Peter’s is the oldest church in the city, dating back to 857, and is home to the largest clock face in Europe.

The Swiss National Museum is an enchanting castle with an extensive collection celebrating Swiss heritage and culture. Covering the country’s entire history, each visitor is allowed to come face to face with the past of this unique location. The grounds also occasionally host open air skating rinks and stages, as well as provide a home for temporary, intellectually stimulating exhibitions. Art lovers will enjoy a trip to Kunsthaus Zürich, one of the most extensive and important collections in Switzerland. Significant works include a large assortment of Edvard Munch’s works, two of Monet’s water lily pieces as well as compositions by Picasso and Chagell. Housing pieces dating back to the medieval period, the museum also encourages new talent and thus has works by promising modern Swiss artists.

The city boasts some entirely unique activities which no visitor will want to miss. Zürich Zoological Garden is home to over 300 species of animal. A particularly special aspect of this location is the Masoala Rainforest Ecosystem situated in the garden, which contains animals and plants donated by Masoala National Park in Madagascar. On Uetliberg, a nearby hill, there is the planeten weg, or ‘planetary walk’. Zürich does not only provide tourists with the rainforest; all visitors are also given a tour of Space. The visitor can walk along the eight mile construction, discovering each planet along the way; the solar system has been perfectly scaled down so that it can be appreciated in an afternoon. Those in the mood for skiing can travel by train to Flumserberg, a nearby resort which is suitable for beginners as well as experts.


Even those on a budget should visit Bahnhofstrasse, a beautiful shopping street in the heart of Zürich. One of the most exclusive shopping districts in the world, Bahnhofstrasse is home to many designer labels as well as the department stores Globus and Jelmoli. Art dealers, jewellers and confectioners can all be found here alongside the many clothing stores. World famous Swiss chocolate can be purchased from Sprüengli, a confectionary emporium unlike no other which sells exquisite truffles and mouthwatering slabs of chocolate.

For traditional Swiss items try Schweizer Heimatwerk, who offer exquisite pieces of national craftwork. Also worth a visit for such items is Schipfe. Fleamarket fans should visit Flohmarkt Bürkliplatz or Flohmarkt Kanzlei, which attracts more than 400 stalls.

Nightlife and Eating Out

Traditional dishes in Zürich are delicious and unique to the region; favourites include Zürigschnätzlets, veal served in wine and cream sauce. Sausages, bread and even Muesli are all particularly good and available across the city. For a particularly delicious Swiss meal try Kronenhalle. The beautifully decorated restaurant and bar houses many striking paintings. However, not even these lavish surroundings can detract attention away from the delicious meals. Sprüengli at Paradeplatz boasts a stunning restaurant, and even more stunning cakes. Tibits is the oldest European vegetarian restaurant in existence; unsurprisingly the food is delicious.

There are many bars to choose from, each with an entirely unique personality. The James Joyce Bar is where the writer himself used to visit; having a drink in this popular bar is sure to be easier than reading one of Joyce’s novels. Öpfelchammere offers a free glass of wine to each patron who can scale the roof beams. Hard One is an extremely stylish location, with a crowd to match, and a stunning view.

Zürich has a vast selection of nightclubs, most of which are situated in Niederdorf or Langstrasse. Two of the most famous are located in an old dairy factory; Toni Molkerei and Rohstofflager, which also host live music. Perhaps the most stylish club, Kaufleuten has provided entertainment for many celebrities. X-Tra Palais is home to a very popular club, as well as a hotel, restaurant and music label. Many visit Zürich just for the experience of attending the Streetparade. An enormous techno rave, vans blasting out music drive around the city in order to entertain a crowd of nearly a million. However, this only begins the excitement; parties and nightclubs keep the dancing going well into the next day.

Tourist Information

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  • Email: information@zuerich.com
  • Website: http:/www.zuerich.com/


Zürich International Airport is situated in Kloten, and thus is occasionally referred to as Kloten Airport. A twelve minute train journey from the centre of Zürich, the airport is the largest in Switzerland and thus is served by many European and International airlines.