Blenheim owes most of its fame to the region’s wine industry. Around one hundred wine labels are housed in the area, and as the largest town in the Marlborough region Blenheim’s fame has grown with the vineyards. There are over four thousands hectares of vineyards present in the region, producing a number of varieties including Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot and Riesling to name but a few. The long, dry summers held produce these vineyards, as well as attracting visitors who flock to the region to take advantage of its outstanding climate. Many of the vineyards are taking advantage of the tourists and have opened retail and food outlets, as well as B & B’s and tasting tours.


Most of Blenheim’s attractions are based around the wine industry. The Marlborough Wine and Food festival takes place in Blenheim on the second Saturday of every February. As well as shops and stalls, Chefs come to perform and produce culinary delights and over two hundred wines are brought for tastings.

The highlight of the region is the wine tasting tours that mainly begin their route at Blenheim. Southern Wilderness offer guided walks with gourmet food and wine at one of the vineyards on the way. Wine tours are offered in the comfort of cars and vans, or for the more adventurous cycle tours are also available.

Twenty miles north of Blenheim is a mass of bays, coves and coasts known as Marlborough Sounds. The contrasting shades of greens, blues and yellows provide a tranquil sanctuary in which you can walk, swim, kayak or sail. As soon as you enter the region is becomes apparent why Captain Cook spent over one hundred days of his travels here.

Nearby Kaikoura is famed for its Whale Watching tours. Located only an hour’s drive from Blenheim, the main attraction of the area is sperm whales, however orca and numerous other dolphin species are also detected. As well as Whale Watching tours the opportunity to swim with dolphins is also available.


The majority of purchases made in Blenheim are wine orientated, although there are a few retail and craft shops in the town centre.

Nightlife and Eating Out

Some of the best food in the region is served by the vineyards. On Jacksons Road Alan Scott Wines is home to the award-winning Twelve Trees restaurant which is one of the regions leading daytime restaurant. Many of the other vineyards offer food with their tastings, for example both the Highfield and Gillan Estate vineyards offer tapas with their wines.

Restaurants in the town are expensive, but offer an extensive range of world class food and wine.

Tourist Information

  • Visitor Information Centre, 2 High Street, Blenheim, New Zealand
  • Tel: +64 03 578 9904
  • Fax: +64 03 578 6084
  • Email:


Blenheim Airport is located twenty two miles from the town centre, and internal connecting flights are available to major cities in both islands as well as provincial destinations.