St Croix

Located amongst the stunning Virgin Islands, St Croix is rich in beauty and heritage. Internationally renowned beaches take everyone’s breath away and the sheer number of sights available for exploration is overwhelming. These idyllic islands, although relatively unknown to potential holidaymakers outside America, provide a blissful holiday in a spot which is sure to become more populated and touristy once news of its existence is globally leaked. Those hoping to explore nature and the sense of being marooned on a heavenly island, away from life’s stresses will find no better place than St Croix. The two main towns, Christiansted and Frederikted, are full of exciting attractions and beautiful examples of local architecture.

The different countries which have controlled the island have all influenced the unique heritage and style of the location. Originally a mass of plantations consumed the area, and today these fascinating locations can still be explored. The ideal location for a relaxing holiday, St Croix offers both heavenly, idyllic surroundings and top class entertainment. The perfect compromise between the natural splendour of St. John Island and the thrilling pace of St. Thomas, St Croix offers the best of both worlds.


Christiansted is full of exciting and memorable activities; formerly the capital city of the Virgin Islands, this location is a must see. Fort Christiansted was constructed by the Danish as a form of protection against pirates; visitors will enjoy the opportunity to explore a site of heritage which is utterly different to anything existing in Great Britain. The harbour is also a beautiful location which all will enjoy investigating. The Steeple Building contains a multitude of historical artefacts from the island’s varied past.

St Croix’s heritage boasts one product everyone will love sampling; even those who hate history will enjoy this lesson. The island’s locally produced rum is delicious as those producing it have three hundred years of experimentation and innovation to influence them. The [ Cruzan Rum Distillery] allows visitors to take a tour around the site, thus providing all with the opportunity to learn about this favourite beverage’s honoured place in the island’s past.

St Croix is also famous for its extensive plantations. The [ Estate Whim Plantation] boasts an elaborate stately home, as well as vast examples of natural splendour. The site still grows an array of vegetables and spices which all will enjoy sampling in local, homemade dishes. Such plantations can be explored across the island, with many boasting attractions such as mills and windmills as well as beautiful homes. Fort Frederik is the only lighthouse on the island, providing a unique insight into the location’s heritage as well as stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Those searching for an attractive daytrip should board a ferry and head out to the nearby Buck Island where the National Reef Monument never fails to impress. A breathtaking display of coral, as well as many different forms of sea life, greets all who visit. Holidaymakers continue to be impressed by this awe inspiring location. Containing over 800 acres of untouched tranquillity, Buck Island is perfect for those hoping to reconnect with their natural surroundings. All should try and seize the wonderful opportunity to try snorkelling for the first time; the underwater trail will impress all who venture beneath the surface of the turquoise waters. Those hoping to stay on dry land will enjoy the island’s Heritage Trail, which leads visitors on a dramatic and fantastic tour of St Croix. Along the way holidaymakers will see historical sights, stunning natural landmarks and a mass of precious relics. All will agree that there is no better way to explore everything which the island has to offer; although the 28- mile length of the trail means that a car will come in handy!


Those searching for a spot of retail therapy will find no better place than Christiansted. In particular, King’s Alley is home to a swarm of special boutiques and quirky stores, which are full of special items and memorable souvenirs. Bargain hunters will be taken aback by the affordability of all the pieces available for purchase; as a duty free port, all goods bought on the island are priced 40% cheaper than similar items in the United States. All should be sure to get some of the island’s famous rum to take back home, a purchase made even more tempting by the remarkable prices; alcohol can be 60% cheaper than identical beverages found elsewhere. Other items worth looking out for include jewellery, perfume and electrical items. Frederiksted is also a good bet for an enjoyable shopping trip, as many unique stores can be located here.


Although St Croix does not provide a mass of clubs and bars, those hoping to relax and escape the call of a hectic social life for a couple of weeks will find the island a welcome escape. However, this is not to say that the location does not provide any form of entertainment. No holiday specialising in relaxation and contentment would be complete without a magnificent natural larder and several stunning restaurants. The mixed array of cultures which have made St Croix what it is today determine the wealth of different cuisines waiting to be sampled. All will love tasting the island’s selection of exotic fruits and local delicacies in one of the world class restaurants dotted around the shore. Although there is not a massive selection of bars, a few beautiful spots exist which allow visitors to sample drinks such as maubi and soursop juice.

Tourist Information

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St. Croix does not have an airport of its own, but one can be found nearby at St Thomas. Extremely close to St Croix, excellent means of transportation are provided to and from the island. The airport is the Virgin Islands’ predominant national and international gateway, providing multiple flights to various destinations around the globe. Potential holidaymakers can find out more information at []