St John

Located in the Caribbean, St John is part of the United States Virgin Islands. The smallest of the three islands, St John is heavenly and contains much unforeseen beauty. The perfect destination for those hoping to escape reality, St John has no airport and is home to approximately only four thousand people. A secluded paradise, St. John allows visitors to reconnect with nature and experience some much needed relaxation. Originally a sugar cane producing colony, the island boasts a fascinating agricultural history, as well as the incredible Virgin Islands National park. Here beautiful trails can be followed which lead to untouched white beaches, dazzling turquoise ocean views, lush forestry and eighteenth century ruins. Originally inhabited by Arawak Indians, the island possesses many incredible remnants of this early period. This stunning location has to be seen in order to be believed; nowhere else in the world boasts such extensive examples of beauty and natural splendour.


Most of the island is National Park land, boasting a wide array of beautiful landscapes and untouched forestry. Amidst this stunning environment visitors can find several stunning beaches. One of the most popular is Trunk Bay which is globally renowned for its breathtaking beauty and heavenly ambiance. Visitors hoping to escape the daily grind will find no better location than this tropical paradise, which forces all who visit to relax and enjoy the natural tranquillity. Hardly any buildings are located near the beaches and therefore holidaymakers will truly be able to reconnect with nature and enjoy the blissful solitude. The beaches offer perfect sunbathing conditions, as well as fantastic opportunities for snorkelling. The idyllic Cinnamon Bay and Maho Bay are both ideal locations for sampling this unique and wonderful experience and exploring St John's nearby coral reefs. Visitors can also try mountain biking and kayaking.

The remains of the Annaberg Sugar Plantation allow holidaymakers to catch a glimpse of the island's history. Dating back to the early 18th century, this location educates visitors in St John's agricultural heritage and those who visit can follow the estate's trail in order to ensure that no attraction is passed over. The site also hosts multiple concerts and exhibitions; holidaymakers should ensure that they check the local schedule in order to sample a fantastic event in a wonderful location.

Cruz Bay is the busiest area within the island. Here visitors will enjoy sampling the many attractions on offer, as well as the vast array of opportunities for shopping and dining. Local artistry can be appreciated at the Elaine Lone Sprauve Library and Museum which contains many historical artefacts which outline the history of the island. The port allows holidaymakers to take a trip to one of the other locations within the extensive archipelago; a favourite day trip is Red Hook in St. Thomas.

Budding historians can join scientists at Cinnamon Bay on an archaeological dig, providing a unique opportunity to see history unfolding. Here remnants of the Taino Indians and the former Danish plantations can be discovered. Those interested in the island's Indian heritage should ensure that they visit the petroglyphs located along the Reef Bay Trail, which also leads visitors alongside Bordeaux Mountain, St John's highest peak.


Visitors should definitely take time out from relaxation to sample some of the island's quaint and traditional shops. Cruz Bay is home to a multitude of unique boutiques for those hoping to find individual and previously unseen gifts. Two 'must see' shopping centres are Mongoose Junction and Wharfside Village which both contain a vast selection of special stores. Both provide visitors with the opportunity to buy beautiful pieces of jewellery, fantastic perfumes and stunning examples of porcelain. Holidaymakers will fall in love with local artistry which is both traditional and innovative and all will appreciate the bargains on offer; cigarettes and liquor are both ridiculously cheap.


After a day of sunbathing and swimming, visitors will be pleased to discover that the perfect end to a perfect day can be discovered at one of the island's stunning restaurants. The diverse heritage of the island is reflected in each dish; St Croix's cuisine blends together flavours and ingredients from China, France and the Pacific with delectable results. Home grown ingredients make each dish unique and delicious and visitors will be impressed by meals which they have never before experienced. Fish dishes are persistently impressive and holidaymakers will love working their way through the many mouth watering treats on offer.

Morgan's Mango is a favourite with locals and visitors alike. Serving snacks such as Cajun shrimp, the restaurant is famous for its incredible Cruzan rum and mango sauce. This restaurant is also home to a bar which boasts a wide variety of fun cocktails. Miss Lucy's Restaurant serves tempting dishes such as roasted pork with sweet potato stuffing and all of the menu's items are made from local produce using traditional recipes. Equator is renowned for its impressive menu, with items such as steak and catfish being particularly admired. A unique blend of flavours originating from Thailand and South America make each meal an explosive exploration of tastes. Paradiso is a brilliant eatery which at night becomes a trendy club; patrons will enjoy sampling the diverse menu and then dancing the night away without having to move from their table. Those hoping for an ocean view need look no further than Panini Beach, where the stunning surroundings complement the classic Italian cuisine beautifully. Fishtrap is worth visiting solely for their infamous rum cake, which impresses all who sample it.

Tourist Information

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Although St. John does not have an airport of its own, the nearby St. Thomas is extremely close and provides excellent means of transportation to the island. A twenty minute ferry ride connects visitors to St John, departing every hour on the hour. The airport is the predominant national and international gateway of the Virgin Islands, providing various flights to multiple destinations around the globe. Potential holidaymakers can find out more information at:[ Getting To The Virgin Islands].