Salzburg has achieved international fame throughout the world for being the birthplace of the famous composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the setting for the film The Sound of Music. As well as boasting beautiful examples of baroque architecture, Salzburg is renowned for its natural splendour. Situated alongside the Salzach river with the Alps to the south of the city, Salzburg possesses the ideal Alpine view. The wealth of history and culture within the centre determines Salzburg’s place as one of the most impressive cities in Europe.


Mozart’s Birthplace commemorates the accomplishments of the most famous composer of all time. Fascinating exhibits include some of Mozart’s instruments, as well as original portraits and manuscripts. The exhibition ‘Mozart at the Theatre’ documents the original reception of the composer’s works in a fun and informative manner. Mozart’s later residence, the Tanzmeisterhaus, where he composed many works during the period 1773-1780, is also open for viewing. Mozart Square features an iconic statue of the composer by Ludwig Schwanthaler.

The magnificent Salzburg Cathedral is an architectural wonder. Its grand Baroque appearance determines its place as the most momentous ecclesiastical structure in the entire city. Home to the font which baptised Mozart, the composer wrote many pieces of music for this inspiring house of worship. Also worth visiting are the beautiful St. Sebastian’s Church and St. Peter’s Abbey, the oldest monastery on German land. St. Peter’s Cemetery contains the graves of some of the city’s most famous inhabitants, such as Santino Solari, builder of Salzburg Cathedral.

The Lustschloss of Hellbrunn is an incredible palace built at the foot of Hellbrunn Mountain. The most unique and fascinating feature of the site is the Wasserspiele, or ‘trick fountains’. Hellbrunn Mountain holds many sources of water, and thus, architects were able to construct fountains in entirely unexpected places. These marvellous cascades have been attracting visitors for nearly 400 years. Also worth seeing are the many beautiful statues within the Hellbrunn’s park, as well as the Steintheater, the oldest open air theatre in Europe. Those who enjoy their time exploring this wonderful site will also appreciate the decadent Mirabell Palace, which boasts the beautiful Marble Hall where Mozart once played.

The Residenz was once home to the Prince Archbishops, the rulers of Salzburg, but today is primarily used for conferences and receptions. An incredible array of 180 rooms, the Residenz has opened some of its most famous areas to the public, including the State Rooms and the Gallery, which contains many stunning works of art.

The Untersberg Cableway allows visitors to get a closer glimpse of the surrounding mountains. An unforgetable experience, travellers will never forget the magnificent view of the Salzburg Lake District and the Rositten Valley.


Located in the heart of the Old City, the Getreidegasse is at the epicentre of Salzburg’s shopping district. This charming street features many narrow houses nestled together, each with its own distinctive personality and flair. Possibly the most intricate and romantic lane in the city, Getreidegasse is also home to a multitude of beautiful shops selling an array of items such as traditional Salzburg costumes, jewellery and antiques. This is the perfect place to find something special and unique. Top designer names can be found here, but for those on a stricter budget, Getreidegasse is the perfect place to purchase souvenirs. Mozart’s Birthplace is situated in this area; its well stocked gift shop will provide the classical music fanatic with everything they could desire. Those interested in history should purchase one of the many books available detailing the city’s past, whereas fans of Salzburg’s restaurants can make these fantastic dishes for themselves with the help of a local cookbook. Those with a sweet tooth should ensure that they sample the ‘Original Salzburg Mozart Kugel’. These delicious pralines have proved a hit with chocoholics since 1890.

Green Market provides a vast array of local delicacies as well as flowers and regional crafts. Held every day except Sunday, this market is the perfect place to buy pastries and fresh produce, or a quick snack for lunch. Schranne market is held every Thursday and specialises in serving delicious local specialities such as Buchteln, (baked dumplings).

Nightlife and Eating Out

Salzburg cuisine is incredible, with dozens of exclusive, glamorous restaurants paying tribute to the inspiring local produce and national specialities. Favourite dishes include dumplings, strudel, goulash and broth, which are all subject to many variations, both savoury and sweet. Although meals can be expensive, it is not impossible to get a reasonably priced meal. Those with no budget and a taste for luxury should visit St. Peter Keller on the site of St. Peter’s Abbey or Riedenburg for tantalising culinary delights. Those with more limited funds should try St. Paul Stube for traditional and popular Austrian dishes. Reasonably priced food chains include Weizz and Raschhofer; both serve fantastic, inexpensive food at locations across the city.

Those searching for an exciting night out should head towards Salzach, where dozens of bars each provide a different experience. All music tastes are catered for; spoilt for choice, visitors will have difficulty choosing just one to enjoy. Popular clubs are the Republic, located towards Mönchsberg, or the Jexx.

Those desiring a relaxing, chilled beer should head to one of Salzburg’s many beer gardens. Austrians have been enjoying this tradition for nearly 3000 years, and no wonder, for nothing is more pleasant on a balmy summer’s evening. The Stiegl Keller is an enduring favourite, not only for its popular beer but also for its bird’s eye view of the city.

Tourist Information


Salzburg W.A. Mozart Airport is located fifteen minutes from the city centre and is easily accessed by public transport. Serving most major European destinations, Salzburg can be easily accessed by Great Britain.