The City of Dreams; an adequate name for Sigmund Freuds' hometown, wouldn't you agree?, Vienna is a city with a great deal of history, impressive architecture and a musical legacy. A truly beautiful place, it's no wonder great minds such as Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms travelled here to carry out their work.

Language and Currency

German is the official language in Austria, with many locals speaking a dialect of Austro-Bavarian. There are also several minority languages spoken, including Turkish, Hungarian and Serbian.

The currency is the Euro after the eradication of the Austrian Schilling.


With definite seasons throughout the year, be sure to pack appropriately! Summers can be very hot, with temperatures known to exceed 35'c in June through to August. This is in stark contrast to the snowy winters which see cold nights plummet to -20'c.


One of the most noticeable things about Vienna is its architecture and the best of it can be found on The Ring – the road that encircles the whole city. A walk along this will take you through some fine examples of the splendid architecture that Vienna is home to, including the Austrian Parliment Building, The Academy of Fine Arts and Rathaus (Town Hall). You will also find a plethora of cafés, parks and gardens situated along the length of this road.

The Belvedere Palace holds a magnificent collection of art and sculptures for public viewing, as well as an Orangery and impressive Palace gardens - a sight not to be missed, that's for sure.

The Spanish Riding School is the dressage school where the famous white Lipizzaner Horses are trained. If you have time, we highly recommend watching one of their spectacular shows. Let's not forget the beautiful gothic St Stephen’s Cathedral which is one of Vienna’s most famous sights and is an essential visit when in the area.


In the heart of The Old City, you can find everything from Designer Fashion Stores in the Golden Quarter to Delicatessens and Jewellers. If you are looking for something extra special, head to Kohlmarkt where you will find high end retailers offering plenty of gift ideas.

If run of the mill shopping isn't for you, why not opt for a Shopping Tour? You will be taken by a guide to explore the more unique Austrian shops you may struggle to find on your own - a unique way to spend an afternoon - with no reason to not treat yourself!

Nightlife and Dining Out

As well as the large number coffee houses and cafés in Vienna, you will also find plenty of restaurants offering traditional cuisine. Make sure you try at least a couple of the following!

  • - Tafelspitz is considered the national dish of Austria and consists of boiled beef or veal in broth, served with horseradish

  • - Wiener schnitzel is lightly breadcrumbed Veal, fried and served with vegetables and potatoes

  • - Beuschel is a stew made with veal offal and vegetables and a favourite in the winter months

  • - Apfelstrudel is a combination of flaky pastry and hot apples. Add a drizzle of cream or ice cream and it is simply delicious!

  • - Sachertorte is considered to be the most famous Viennese dessert - there is even a national day dedicated to this glorious chocolate cake.

For a night out, we'd recommend heading to Viper Room, Chaya Fuera or Donau Techno, a few of the great nightclubs favoured by locals. You'll find these between many small local bars where you can enjoy the national tipple of Schnapps, in a variety of flavours...why not try a few?!


Driving isn't always a necessity due to the impressive public transport system, however, hiring a car and exploring in and around Vienna yourself can prove invaluable. If you chose to do so, here are a few tips to remember;

  • - No Drink Driving! Large fines are in place for anyone caught between 0.05% and 0.08% and anything over that can result in licence suspension!

  • - Seatbelt's are mandatory and kids up to the age of 14 must have a booster seat.

  • - Speed restrictions apply on all roads - even the Autobahn has radar cameras dotted along it - watch out or face fines.

  • - When driving on a side street, the car on the right always has priority. The only time this doesn't apply is when you are driving on a main road - cars wishing to join the road, regardless of their side to you, do not have priority.

Tourist Information

For a comprehensive overview of Vienna and essential Tourist Information, please visit Wien Info. The Main Station Travel Information Centre is open daily; 9am to 5pm.


Vienna Airport is just 13 miles from the centre of the city itself. The airport serves most domestic, European and other international airports.