On a small island between the Croatian mainland and the island of Čiovo, you will find the historic city of Trogir, where its Romanesque architecture and medieval ambience coupled with their spectacular cathedral earned it World Heritage status in the late 1990's.

Language and Currency

The official language is Croatian, but you will also find that more than 5 other languages are also quite widely used. The currency in use is the Croatian Kuna (HKR).


August is the warmest and driest month, with temperatures reaching 30'c - making it the most popular time for tourists to visit. Although May and June are considered 1 of the 2 rainy seasons, it will still be very warm. October - December is the second rainy season which can see the temperatures dropping to 5'c.


Well, you simply must sightsee and this starts from the front gate to the city! Here you will find a statute of Blessed Ivan Orsini, the protector of the city. Through the gates, you will find the Trogir Museum for an insight into the history of the town and Dalmatia, two Grand Palaces displaying gothic architecture to wander around, the church of St John the Baptist and of course the Cathedral of St Lovro , the centre piece to the town, and its most impressive monument.

If you would prefer a bit of adventure, how about a boat tour? From Speed Boats to Yachts, there is a way for anyone to admire the crystal waters and marvel at the local wildlife - and catch a tan of course!

If you happen to be visiting between June and September, you'll notice that there is a lot of musical focus around the towns - this is because there is an annual music festival held at churches, halls and open spaces that showcase classical and folk music concerts - the perfect chance to immerse yourself in Croatian culture.

An hour outside of Trogir you can find the National Park Krka where you can enjoy the tranquility of the waterfalls, take an educational tour of the viewpoints and purchase some hand crafted souvenirs.


Croatia is not know for its shopping, but a visit to any local store will result in delicious, fresh cuisine and hand made trinkets. The Markt, which lies near the gates to the city, is open daily and farmers flock in to sell fresh fruit and vegetables - it is highly recommend to try the cherries if you visit in their summer, they are simply delicious!

Dining out and Nightlife

They love their fresh seafood and meat in Croatia, so you should find plenty of it in Trogir! Be sure to try the clams, lobster and squid which are especially favoured. Comfort foods prove quite popular; Pasta is a staple dish, and you an find it with any meat, which sauces from tomato to creamy mushroom. For those winter month visits, opt for a delicious Goulash - a meat and vegetable stew, usually made with beef.

For those with a sweet tooth, make sure you try Kremšnita which is a cream and light pastry treat, or if you're on the go, grab a pot of Fritule - delicious fried dough balls with toppings ranging from Warm Chocolate to Croatian Honey.

You will find street performers in abundance, traditional pubs serving a delicious local wine, and lots of people congregating on the Riva (seafront) at night, this seems to be the favoured place to go for a more relaxed atmosphere. A few nightclubs have popped up over the years, including Monaco which is a cafe by day, club by night and Smokvica for cocktails and fine whiskey.

And don't forget the Croatian Oktoberfest - a Bavarian style tent with great beer, live music and the best selection of Croatian and Bavarian specialty food and drink...what more could you want?!


Want to rent a car and explore Trogir for yourself? The general rules of driving in Croatia are pretty standard throughout the country and include the prohibited use of a mobile phone whilst driving, the mandatory use of seat-belts for all passengers and dipped headlights throughout the day during October - March.

Tourist Information

You can visit the Croatian National Tourist Board for all the information you need or feel free to call them on +385 (0)1 4699 333


Split Airport is the closest to Trogir, a mere 5km away.