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10 Facts about driving in Thailand that you didn’t know!

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Are you one of the thousands of travellers to Thailand each year? Whether you’re a back packer, there on business or an ex – pat, you will have at some point encountered the Thai roads!

With streets littered with Tuk-Tuks, Taxis, Cars and Mopeds, each with a seeming disregard for speed or safety, these roads can seem pretty daunting! (Unless of course, you know how to navigate them!) 

Most people choose to travel by local transport over car or moped hire, so we thought we’d bring you a collection of 10 facts about Driving in Thailand to dispel the myths and hopefully change your mind about renting a vehicle in tis beautiful country!

Up until a few years ago, you could purchase a Driving Licence without taking a test…!*

* We mean real licences! Fakes will always find their way into the Black Market, unfortunately.


It’s actually illegal for anyone to drive topless, whether you are male or female


Bangkok was voted as one of the worst places for traffic jams

Photo Credit: Kuruman

Photo Credit: Kuruman

Make sure you wear a helmet if riding a motorcycle, despite what you might see the locals doing…!

Photo Credit: Harsha K R

At intersections, leave a little room before the white crossing line – you’ll find that those on mopeds will congregate here and it is seen as courteous to do so

Photo Credit: Dennis Yang

Photo Credit: Dennis Young

If you see a collection of branches on the road, it usually indicates an incident further ahead

Photo Credit: Didier Baertschiger

Photo Credit: Didier Baertschiger


If travelling behind a lorry and they signal left, it’s safe to overtake them

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Connie Ma

Size matters on Thai roads – larger vehicles generally take priority

Photo Credit: tinabasgen

Photo Credit: tinabasgen

The most dangerous drivers, aside from those under the influence, are actually tourists!

thailand 5_Fotor

Luckily for some tourists, a lot of the road signs will have a translation into English.

Photo Credit: Voyages etc

Photo Credit: Voyages etc

What you may perceive as aggressive driving (getting too close or nudging into small spaces) is the norm! Avoid Road Rage and remember that Confidence is key in Thailand.


Have you had any experiences of a Thai road, either driving a car yourself, or in one of the infamous Tuk-Tuks?! Speaking of infamous, has anyone ever driven any of these dangerous roads?! We’d love to hear about it – be sure to comment below!


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