Capital of the province of New Brunswick in southern Canada, Fredericton is renowned as a Canadian cultural centre, with a number of museums and architectural points of interest.

Previously controlled by the Mi’kmaq and Maliseet tribes, the settlement was first recorded as a major part of aboriginal Canada. Indeed, the first European contact was only recorded in the late 17th century courtesy of the French, who passed the land to Joseph de Villebon. Establishing Fort Nashwaak in 1692, Villebon’s creation served as the capital of the nearby Acadia colony until his death. This was followed by the permanent settlement of Pointe-Sainte-Anne in 1732 which again lasted until the force majeure of the British takeover in 1755. Nevertheless, it was a further 28 years before British Loyalists founded the city of Fredericton, after the American Revolution. Naming the site after Prince Frederick Augustus, son of King George III, the city was soon designated the provincial capital of New Brunswick and prospered, largely due to the lumber industry.

Now known more for culture than industry, Fredericton is a compact and tranquil city with plenty to see and do, making it an attractive prospect for tourists.


Perhaps the most well known attraction in Fredericton is the Historic Garrison District in Queen Street. The former station point for British soldiers between 1784 and 1869, it now acts as a reminder of Fredericton’s colonial history and includes the York Sunbury Historic Museum. Continuing this theme is the award winning King’s Landing Historical Settlement, a recreation of the late 19th and early 20th century city with an emphasis on the Loyalist settlers and their influence.

Strictly architectural in its appeal are the sights of the Legislative Assembly Building in Queen Street, built in 1882 in late Victorian style, the Old Government House, completed in the early 19th century and the former residence of the Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, and Christ Church Cathedral in Church Street, built in the mid-19th century and now registered as a National Historic Site by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada.

However, one cannot visit Fredericton without sauntering through the many museums and galleries, particularly the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Queen Street. Established in 1958 by the British patron Lord Beaverbrook, it contains a number of local pieces as well as works by artists such as Dali, Turner and Gainsborough. Also remarkable are the City Hall Gallery (located in Fredericton City Hall) in Queen Street and Gallery 78, the oldest and largest commercial gallery in New Brunswick.

Fredericton’s annual calendar is lit up by various festivals and events such as the New Brunswick Summer Music Festival, a series of classical chamber music concerts in August, the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival during Fall and the New Brunswick Fine Crafts Festival in September.


Downtown Fredericton is the most popular shopping district in the city, but Prospect Street is also packed with outlets. For local arts and crafts specifically, Queen Street is a better option.

One highlight is Boyce’s Farmers Market, providing a wide range of food and drink every Saturday morning.

Nightlife and Eating Out

Fredericton is not renowned for its restaurants but still enjoys a diverse range of local cuisine, with options available like Vietnamese at Asia Beef Noodle in Queen Street, Mexican at El Burrito Loco in King Street and Italian at Luna’s Pizza in York Street.

The city has a good nightlife with plenty of bars around Queen Street and King Street as well as nightclubs like The After Dark Club in York Street and Cosmo Bar and Fusion Nightclub, both in King Street.

Alternatively, for a little more culture, try the Fredericton Playhouse in Queen Street, home to the Theatre New Brunswick company.

Tourist Information

  • Fredericton Tourist Office, 11 Carleton Street, PO Box 130, Fredericton NB, E3B 4YZ
  • Telephone: +506 460 2041|
  • Website:


Fredericton is served by Greater Fredericton Airport, some 15km from the centre.

Although expanding, Greater Fredericton only provides very limited domestic and international flights.

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