Jasper provides the perfect Canadian experience. Untouched mountainous landscape sweeps through Jasper National Park providing breathtaking views for all who visit. The largest of the Canadian national parks, Jasper offers spectacular hiking trails amidst awe-inspiring mountains, forest, glaciers and rivers. The area is fervently environmentally conscious and thus Jasper has been largely untouched by modern pollution. Animal enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to see grizzly bears, wolves, mountain lions and moose. Jasper is truly unique; boasting the highest mountain in Alberta and the most accessible glacier in North America, this province provides a once in a lifetime experience.


Miette Hot Springs allows the visitor to take in the stunning surroundings whilst enjoying blissful relaxation. Water exceeding temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius originates from a spring in a canyon and is then filtered before being driven into the public aquacourt. The ruins of the decadent former aquacourt are also open for viewing. A geological phenomenon, the Miette Hotsprings region perfectly illustrates the remarkable progress of rock formation; the layers of rock in the area allow the visitor to come face to face with ancient history and appreciate the power and beauty of the natural world.

Fans of hiking will enjoy the Coal Mine Trail, which leads to the ghost town of Pocahontas. Once a prosperous mining town, several events led to the closure of the mine in 1921. However some structural echoes of this part of Jasper’s history have survived.

The largest natural lake in the Rockies, Maligne Lake, was originally entitled ‘Chaba Imne’, or Beaver Lake by the tribes who inhabited the area. Today the region is a wonderful source of natural wildlife and forestry, as well as providing the perfect backdrop to several hiking and cross-country skiing paths. The middle of the lake is home to Spirit Island, which can only be accessed by boat. Maligne Tours provides cruises across the lake, as well as a Shuttle service from the centre of Jasper for those with no independent means of reaching the area.

A bird’s eye view of the breathtaking surroundings can be achieved through embarking upon a helicopter tour of the area. Flights for up to four people take off from Jasper-Hinton Airport and a variety of different experiences are available to suit all budgets. The Jasper Tramway also offers a spectacular view from 2500 metres up in the air. Pyramid Riding Stables gives visitors the opportunity to appreciate the scenery on horseback and sample delicious food from their log burning BBQ. Also available are carriage rides for special occasions and sleigh rides in the winter.

Those wishing to learn more about the area and the people inhabiting it should visit Jasper Yellowhead Museum. Permanent exhibits document the history behind the National Park and the town itself; collections of photographs and artefacts visually recreate the past for each visitor.

Although it is unsafe to approach the grizzly bears, Jasper the Bear is a friendly favourite with all who visit him. A landmark within the town and a beloved photo opportunity, Jasper is so precious that in 2005 a Jasper the Bear coin was produced. More about the local animals can be discovered at Den Wildlife Museum.

Anyone in search of an adventure will easily find one. Ski Jasper offer perfect skiing conditions at several sites as well as ice skating, snowmobiling and winter picnics. Jasper Adventure Centre provides activities unique to the Canadian surroundings, such as Icewalking or Snowshoe Tours Maligne Rafting Adventures Ltd cater to all abilities, providing either a gentle drift for beginners or a white knuckle ride.


Beauvert Promenade Shops can be found in the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. Here Fitzhugh’s sell their delicious, Canadian produce, alongside the Rocky Mountain Golf Shop. Stunning Canadian art can be purchased from The Gallery which deals in both paintings and sculpture. Those preparing for an adventure should visit Everest Outdoor Stores or Jasper Source for Sports. For souvenirs try Maligne Lake Lodge Souvenirs and Gifts or Sunwapta Falls Trading Post. A dose of seasonal magic, even in June, can be achieved through visiting Rocky Mountain Christmas.

Nightlife and Eating Out

After taking in the mountain air or experiencing a thrilling adventure, hungry visitors will be grateful that Jasper is home to so many fantastic restaurants. Becker’s Gourmet Restaurant offers elegant cuisine in front of a breathtaking view of Mount Kerkeslin and the Athabasca River. Maligne Canyon Restaurant is located in the forest; patrons can enjoy a seat by the open fire or on the outside patio. At The Inn Restaurant, customers can enjoy their blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake in the heated garden terrace; drinks such as ‘Snow Storm’, ‘Chipmunk’ and ‘Avalanche’ are sure too tantalise all taste buds. For a juicy steak try Tonquin Prime Rib Village and Nick’s Bar.

For those in the mood for dancing after enjoying their ’Avalanche’ Pete’s Club is sure to please, with popular events such as Ladies Night and fantastic live music. For delicious drinks try The Downstream Bar or Nick’s Bar.

Tourist Information

Jasper Tourism and CommerceP.O. Box 98JasperAlbertaCanadaT0E 1E0

Tel: (780) 852-3858Email: jaspercc@incentre.net

Jasper Information Centre500 Connaught DriveJasperJasper National ParkAlbertaT0E 10E

Tel: 1-780-852-6177


There are several airports to choose from when planning a holiday to Jasper. The Jasper Hinton Airport serves airlines such as Air Jasper and is approximately 64km east of the town. Jasper Hinton is small and therefore can only be used as a transfer from one of the larger airports. Edmonton is the closest international airport and has recently begun offering flights to and from London. Calgary Airport travels between London and Manchester, although it is slightly further away from Jasper.

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