The highly successful television series The Office ensured that Slough will forever be associated with grey buildings, parochial people, and a commitment to total mediocrity. Slough’s reputation has not been enhanced by the likes of late Poet Laureate, Sir John Betjeman, who famously pleaded: 'Come friendly bombs and rain on Slough.'

The criticism is not unjustified if one considers only Slough’s Trading Estate (incidentally, the largest in Europe in single ownership). However, there is more to Slough than necessarily meets the eye. The earliest records of Slough date from 1196, and the town has been an important industrial centre for many years. It is the home of the astronomer Sir William Herschel, Cox’s Orange Pippin apple, and the Mars bar.

Furthermore, Slough has been a major producer of bricks since 1442 and has been adopted as the UK base for companies as diverse as ICI, Citröen, Amazon and the Yellow Pages.


If you are interested in Britain’s industrial heritage, then Slough is a fascinating place, as well as containing a truly multicultural variety of places of worship, ranging from St Mary’s Church to the Jamia Masjid Ghausia, from the Siri Guru Singh Sabha to the first Hindu Temple in Britain. For those particularly interested, Slough’s history is condensed into the Slough Museum.

Slough is perhaps overshadowed, however, by its more glamorous neighbours, in particular Royal Windsor, which is the home of a magnificent Great Park and race track, some exceptional architecture from Sir Christopher Wren, and, of course, Windsor Castle, which is one of the residences of the Royal Family.

Between Slough and Windsor lies Eton, whose playing fields have been graced by 18 Prime Ministers of Great Britain and one of Northern Ireland – as well as recently being the institution at which Princes William and Harry received their education.

Visitors also come to the area for Eton’s Olympic-grade rowing lake, at which the Rowing World Championships were recently held, and, for those after a more fun-packed time, the UK’s version of Legoland.


Slough has the typical variety of shops that one would expect from a mid-sized town, whilst Windsor and Eton both lay claim to a large number of antiques shops, and boutiques selling local arts and crafts.

Nightlife and Eating Out

Aficionados of The Office will be disappointed to discover that neither 'Chasers' nor 'New York New York' genuinely exist as Slough nightclubs. That said, the town does have an adequate array of pubs, bars and nightclubs that are similarly classy (or not, as the case may be). Recommended pubs in Slough are The Rose & Crown and The Wheatsheaf.

The Crown & Cushion in Eton is highly regarded, as are many of Windor’s traditional pubs, including the Prince Arthur, The Trooper and The Vansittart Arms.

Both Slough and Windsor have an adequate selection of restaurants, whilst one can replicate the experience of the authentic British gent by enjoying High Tea at the Eton Tea Rooms.

Tourist Information

Royal Windsor Information CentreYork House41 Sheet Street,WindsorSL4 1DDT: 01753


Heathrow is the nearest airport to Slough, at a distance of about 8 miles – with the Eton playing fields lying directly under the flight path of many of the aeroplanes flying in and out of Britain’s largest airport.

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