Stratford-upon-Avon is a popular town which sees visitors flock from all around the world to pay their respects to the most famous and well respected literary figure ever to have lived; William Shakespeare. Located on the River Avon, it is easy to see why Shakespeare may have been inspired by this naturally abundant, stunningly serene location. Yet, although there are many attractions tailored towards fans of Shakespeare's works, there are also many non-literary related sources of amusement. All will find something of interest in this quaint town, which is surely a place all should visit at least once in their lifetime.


A must see for all who visit, Shakespeare's Birthplace has been lovingly restored so that all may experience what life would have been like for the playwright in the early years of his life. A testament to literature, many other famous writers signatures can be viewed in the Birth room window, who all visited in order to pay homage to this extraordinary man. A colourful and vibrant memorial to Shakespeare, this house boasts a pretty garden and a detailed exhibition which tells the story of Shakespeare's life and why exactly he was, and still is, so special. The Shakesperience also aims to provide all the Shakespeare related information any visitor could ever desire. Also worth visiting is Anne Hathaway's cottage where Shakespeare would have wooed his bride to be. Here, the Shakespeare Tree garden features all the trees mentioned in Shakespeare's plays, as well as many impressive sculptures influenced by his majestic works. Mary Arden's cottage is also available for viewing, where Shakespeare's mother spent her childhood amidst the stunningly perfect English countryside which surrounds the location. Many animals are kept here and visitors can enjoy a falconry display.

Another vital experience whilst staying in Stratford is a visit to the [ Royal Shakespeare Theatre]. Providing possibly the most technically innovative and artistically stunning performances of Shakespeare in the world, all will love the chance to see one of his amazing works on stage. Shakespeare did not intend his plays to be read, they were designed for performance. Thus, experiencing a live production is a breathtaking experience; his words are brought to life and each patron can truly understand the quintessential beauty of his works in a manner unachievable on the page.

[ The Butterfly Museum] is home to many rare and beautiful specimens. Insect City, the Caterpillar Room and Arachnoland boast a wide selection of various creepy crawlies. The exotic rainforest allows visitors to see some of the most beautiful butterflies in the world, as well as learn more about them. The Falstaff's Experience provides an entertaining, theatrical account of the history behind this famous town.

Those who do not scare easily will enjoy the local Ghost Walk which informs visitors of the town's alternative history and the more sinister elements of its past.


Stratford-upon-Avon is home to a pleasing selection of stores which are sure to satisfy all who visit. There are numerous souvenir stores dotted around the town. A particular example worth visiting is The Little Oxford Shop, which sells items strictly related to the local area. A large selection of high street brands can be discovered in the centre; favourites include H&M and Accessorize. Unsurprisingly, Stratford is the perfect place to visit for bookshops. A wide selection provides both new and second hand texts. Particularly interesting is the Shakespeare Bookshop, where the avid fan can purchase all of his works. Vinegar Hill is a delightful shop, selling unique items for the home. Sundays often see a fantastic craft market visit the town; located by the riverbank, many charming and special items can be purchased here.


The fantastic selection of restaurants in Stratford-upon-Avon is sure to surprise and please all who visit. Budget bites are available at the popular Golden Bee, part of the Wetherspoons chain, providing delicious and affordable meals. For those on a strict budget, nothing is more enjoyable than fish and chips by the river. Slightly more expensive, The Ripple Cafe is a fantastic Chinese buffet. Multicoloured fairy lights are strewn across the exterior of the building; lighting up the river, this beautiful restaurant invites all patrons to sample the many delicious items available for nibbling. Also home to a fashionable bar, it is perfectly possible to spend an entire evening at this location. The Thai Boathouse is located on the river, thus providing a beautiful view of the entire town. Especially popular are the banquets, perfect for those unable to choose a solitary dish from the extensive menu. Sheep Street is where a large selection of restaurants can be located; Lambs, The Vintner, Cafe Rouge and Thespians Indian Restaurant can all be found here.

There are many pubs located around the town; a favourite is the Dirty Duck which provides a beautiful view of the river. It is hardly surprising that actors at the RSC often drop in for a drink after that evening's performance. Henry J Beans serves fantastic cocktails and the Cinema Bar, located at the top of the Picturehouse, is open 7 days a week; its a beautiful location with outside seating and a collection of local artwork.

Tourist Information

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Although Stratford-upon-Avon does not have its own airport, there are several in the surrounding area. [ Birmingham International Airport] serves many major cities around the world and there are several transport links to Stratford-upon-Avon. Coventry Airport is much smaller, and further away, but it can provide cheaper flights.

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