Burgos, in the province of Castilla-Leon is situated on the Pilgrim's Road to Santiago de Compostela, an artistic and cultural route lined with churches, hermitages, and pilgrim hospitals.


The foothill of the fortified Castle Hill offers fantastic views of the city and the medieval quarter. Attractions include the World Heritage listed gothic Cathedral dating back to 1221; the Mudejar Arch of San Esteban; the Burgos Museum, with an important collection of archaeologic artefacts; the Casa de Angulo, which houses the Museum of Fine Arts and the Casa del Cordón, where the Catholic Monarchs received Christopher Columbus after he returned from his second trip to the New World.

Eating Out

Aside from the historical attractions there is an interesting walk along the banks of the Duero and Arlanza Rivers. Here you can sample some of the charismatic local cuisine. Traditional dishes include: Suckling lamb or pig meat baked in a wood-fired oven; excellent blood-sausages; seasonal crayfish, delicious fresh cheese (unripened) and excellent local wines.


Late night bar entertainment happens mostly in the area around the Cathedral. The party begins after 10pm in the bars.


Burgos has a good selection of ceramics, metalwork and original artefacts in its shops to browse.

Tourist Information

Plaza Alonso Martínez, 7 9003 Burgos (Burgos) Tel. +34 (0)947 201 846


The closest Airport is Valladolid Airport.

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