Part of the Abruzzo region in central Italy, Pescara is a relatively small and very tourist-friendly city.

Known in ancient times as Aternum, the city became economically prosperous under the Romans thanks to its ever-active port. However, Pescara's post-Empire history essentially boils down to occupation after occupation, with the Lombards, the Sicilians, the Savoys, the Spanish and the French all at one time in control. Somewhat ironically then, it was a revolt in Pescara in 1814 against Joachim Murat, then king of Naples, which sparked one of the first constitutions of the Risorgimento a year later.

Finally absorbed into the reconstituted Italy in 1860, the site soon grew to become one of the largest cities in the region. This was confirmed in 1926 when the two parts of the city, hitherto divided by the River Aterno, were united at the behest of its most famous son, the writer and right-wing politician Gabriele D'Annunzio. Devastated in World War II and gradually rebuilt, today it is one of the most important economic centres and unquestionably one of the most modern cities in Italy, making it a convenient location for tourists.


The ravages of war and the modern rebuilding scheme mean Pescara is more the home of skyscrapers than basilicas. Nevertheless, within the city centre can be found the Cathedral of St. Cetteus and the Palazzo del Governo, both worth seeing for their architectural merit.

Pescara is fortunately endowed with a number of museums, the most recent of which being the Museum of Modern Art in the Lungomare G. Matteotti. Elsewhere, the Museum of the Abruzzi People on the Via della Caserme is the main location for regional art and the Museo e Pinacoteca Cascella documents the Art Nouveau work of the Cascella family. More uniquely, Gabriele D'Annunzio's House on the Corso Manthoné is open to the public and contains exceptional letters, photographs and artefacts concerning the Pescara native.

The city plays host to a few festivals throughout the year. Unquestionably the most prestigious is the International Jazz Festival, held in mid-July, and past acts have included all the greats like Miles Davis, Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus. This is followed in August by the Stagione Estiva di Prosa, providing a season of open-air theatre.

However, the most obvious attraction of Pescara is the fabulous 20 km shoreline with its fabulous beaches on the Adriatic coast, perfect for water-sports or just relaxing.

Relegated from Serie A in 1993, the local football team, Pescara Calcio, currently reside in Serie B, playing their games at the Stadio Adriatico. The club has a pedigree of former players though, counting current Brazil coach Dunga among their ranks.


There is a large shopping district in the city centre. Located within is a rich selection of all the major Italian boutiques.

Alternatively, local markets and craftworks can be found scattered across the city.

Nightlife and Eating Out

The local cuisine is naturally very seafood-orientated but, more bizarrely, a typical accompanying ingredient is chilli. Pescara enjoys an array of restaurants, being a popular tourist location, but the best places to eat and drink are Café Le Pailotte on the Piazza Le Laudi and Ristorante da Alfredo on Via Cristoforo Columbo, the latter having excellent seafood. Expect dishes like spaghetti with clams and, perhaps surprisingly, black pudding too.

Although not extremely rowdy, Pescara has a number of nightclubs and bars, particularly around the Viale Riviera. Other popular social hotspots are the Piazza Rinascita and Piazza Prima Maggio.

If you'd prefer something quieter, why not promenade down the Viale della Rivieira, flanked all the while by the lovely coast?

Tourist Information

Pescara Tourist OfficeVia Paolucci, 3Tel: +39 085 421


Pescara is served by Abruzzo International Airport, extremely close to the city itself. Trains, taxis and buses run between the city and the airport in either direction.

International and domestic flights are available daily but to limited locations within the continent. Among the many airlines that use AIA are Ryanair, flying to and from London-Stansted.

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