New York

New York, New York. High rise, dynamic, culturally eclectic, socially diverse, ever changeable and swelled by old and new waves of immigrants arriving from all corners of the globe with the hope of finding better things. Known as the ‘Big Apple that never sleeps', it is vibrant place that is impossible to visit without sensing the hustle and bustle and buzz of money being made, opportunities being seized and dreams just within reach.

Located on the North-East coast of America, New York is one of the most cosmopolitan of America’s cities and has undoubtedly skyward aspirations, being a place where every internationally acclaimed architect has made their stamp and the tops of few buildings can be viewed without neck ache. A succession of intolerant city mayors and a booming economy has converted it from a place where the wary might not wander far, into one of the safest cities in America. Confined by geography from urban sprawl, everything desirable is easily within reach and there is, indeed, an abundance of the desirable.


New York is so stuffed with attractions that it is hard to know where to begin. To gain a sense of both New York’s history and its current diversity and dynamism, it is worth taking a boat that passes by the Statue of Liberty and docks at Ellis Island, where weary immigrants alighted and were inspected, having navigated the Atlantic. It now houses a museum. Many Americans still return to Ellis Island in attempt to trace their ancestry.

Equally, you might walk up through Wall Street, soaking up the economic pulse and arrive at the poignant and gaping hole that was once the World Trade Center and is now the scene of slow redevelopment.

If wearied by the energetic rush and shove of New York’s streets, take a stroll in Central Park. 843 acres and located in central Manhattan, it is a refuge where New Yorkers roller-blade, jog, stroll and walk their dogs. It also is home to a number of monuments, lively weekend events and Strawberry Fields, a memorial to John Lennon.

Running down the East Side of Central Park is 'Museum Mile' and, as the name suggests, upon this avenue can be found the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim Museum and The Frick. A little further down from Central Park on 53rd Street, The Museum of Modern Art has recently re-opened its doors to international media attention.

If you have a head for heights you can buy a ticket and take an elevator up the 1,050ft high Empire State Building and gaze out over New York’s panoramic, imposing and choppy skyline. If wishing for some sea air, a visit to Coney beach is well worth it.


For those intending to shop, New York is no less than a paradise. In fact, many arrive with this sole intention in mind. Shops are everywhere and depending on your taste and budget there is something for everyone. Small and expensive boutiques lie shoulder to shoulder along Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side selling both American and European designer clothing.

Vying in quality but of a more bohemian and vintage inclination are the boutiques scattered around the Lower East and West sides of Manhattan. In addition, there are the world famous department stores, Macy’s and Bloomingdales. Both have sale days where you can hope to pick up a bargain.

If seeking the cheap and cheerful, visit China Town where you can buy watches, CD’s and souvenirs at bargain prices. For jeans, trainers and the more common high street designers, Soho would be a good place to start. For the thrifty, Beacons Closet in Brooklyn is a fantastic place for bargains on bohemians and vintage clothing. For the more designer conscious with stamina, Century 21 is an equally great place for cut-throat discounts.


For the city that never sleeps, it is no surprise to find the nightlife, non-stop, fun and frenetic.

In fact the choices for an evenings entertainment are so vast that it is a good idea to pick up a guide or a copy of ‘The Village Voice’ available for free, along with any of the free metro-papers that give listings in the back.

There is jazz and comedy in central and downtown Manhattan, indie rock in Brooklyn, famous bands and artists performing at Madison Square, classical opera at The Lincoln Center, theatre and musicals in midtown, and hip bars throughout Tribeca, Soho, and the Lower East Side.

A particular highlight would be a trip to Harlem to visit The Lennox Lounge, a place that still retains its African American Jazz roots and flavour and was once the hub of the Harlem Renaissance. You could also visit the Apollo Theatre, where aspiring comedians and musicians attempt to impress audiences at an open-mic on Wednesday nights and where talented, more established groups play on other nights.

Eating Out

For a city that has built itself upon waves of immigration, it is unsurprising to discover that New York has the widest range of restaurants imaginable, serving food to inspire and titillate even the most discerning. If your budget will stretch to expensive dining try Babbo, an Italian Restaurant in the West Village, or Mercer located in Soho, that specialises in a creative cocktail of organic but simple ingredients catering to the time conscious New Yorker.

If unwilling to spend a small fortune, there are an infinite number of restaurants that can satisfy any palette and suit any budget. There are a multitude of restaurants serving ethnic cuisine amongst which Sushi, Italian, Ethiopian, Chinese and Mexican are particular favourites. Many of these are delicious but cheap.

For lunch, wander through China Town and pick and choose from the vast number of cheap and tasty snacks on offer, or take a trip to Harlem for a greasy soul-food brunch at either Sylvia’s or Louise’s. You could visit the old-style burger diner tucked eccentrically within the midst of the Meridian Hotel, or alternatively just pick up a bagel from almost anywhere.

Remember that America has a tipping culture and, unless service is bad, you should expect to tip around 15 to 20% of the total cost of your meal.

Tourist Information

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There are three major airports that bring flights to the New York area. These are John F Kennedy, La Guardia Airport and Newark International. All are accessible by car. JFK is the closest to the New York City centre whilst Newark is the furthest away.

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